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My life on the road

And then finally I am living it. Working and travelling.

I have been working online since three years, but I have always been living on Mallorca. So even if I could, I didn´t combine a lot of travels with work.

But this summer is different, as I am a outdoor girl and love the nature, I have been looking for some new adventures.

So since a month I have been traveling and moving around while working. First on the other side of the island, then in a campervan, then on the mainland in Spain and now in the North of Portugal.

And I´m starting to like it more and more. It creates this feeling of I don´t need to return to any place to get `back to work`, and this is a very surreal feeling because I was never used to this.

Especially my current adventure in north Portugal have been incredible. I´m doing community based work on the land here, what means that I help the owners of the land with a few other volunteers to maintain the land, do construction projects, cooking and feeding the animals in return of free accommodation.

It opens up so many borders and possibilities, to actually work from where ever. You only need good internet, a table and a chair!

So my office has been in several places already and I love it.

I count my blessings with a job like this and wanted to share this so you can understand better how easy it is to have a more liquid kind of lifestyle without spending a lot of money.

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