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About me

Hello! I’m Bo the founder of DutchwithBo. I live for the last four years on the beautiful island Mallorca, but I grew up in Alkmaar, North-Holland.

I have my Bachelor of Economics degree and I did a Post-Bachelor Linguistics. Languages has always been my passion and I have lived in several countries. My first teaching experience was in Mexico, where I worked as an English teacher at a language school.


Teaching is my passion but also traveling with the campervan, snorkeling, nature, hikes, good food and wine.

For me, it’s important to have a healthy work-life balance, therefor I moved to Spain because here the pace is slower than in the Netherlands and the weather is amazing here, so I can do the outdoor things I love without wondering if it will be raining or not. 


The idea behind DutchwithBo came after teaching various years 1 on 1 classes. Private teaching is very effective, but you as a teacher are the engine that they will move forward, and the time is restricted. 

DutchwithBo is a one-woman operation and with the Dutch E-learning you have maximum flexibility when you study, but you also have a deadline when you have to be done, so that will stimulate you. 

It took a lot of effort and time to create it, but it was also a lot of fun!

I keep on going, so by December the second course should be finished, from A1 to A2!

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Kat is gezellig

I am crazy about cats and have one myself called Frida

Image by Jonny James

I live on the beautiful island Mallorca - Spain

Image by Jessica Knowlden

I love to listen to Cuban music


I do not like coffee and grey weather (it's why i moved to Mallorca)

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