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Here you can find the e-learning and supportive documents for the course.
Here you can find the e-learning and supportive documents for the course.

About the e-learning: 

This Dutch E-learning for beginners is very structured and clear, completely independent. Have access to quality digital

learning material whenever and wherever it suits you. A perfect way to kick-start your very first Dutch with online

support by the teacher. One single price for 4 months of access to the digital course.

Our online self-study course is a 4 months package that include:

- Unlimited 24/7 acces to E-learning app or website developed by NT2 teachers.
- Teacher guidance in the platform.

- Practical real-life topics

- 5 modules that includes audios, grammar videos and quizzes.


Our best recommendation is to combine the Dutch online E-learning with individual coaching sessions.

Please note this course does not use books.


The 5 module topics:

Hoofdstuk 1: Kennismaken 

-         Alphabet 

-         Numbers 1 - 100

-         Introducing yourself, and ask about where someone is from, nationality, address

-         Personal pronouns, verbs present tense

-         Greetings and goodbye


Hoofdstuk 2: De familie 

-         Names of family members, describing people

-         Main clause sentence and question structure

-         Possessive pronouns

-         Pronunciation a - aa

Hoofdstuk 3: De dag 

-         Days of the week, months, seasons

-         Sequence words

-         Articles

-         Prepositions of time

-         Pronunciation e – ee


Hoofdstuk 4: In het café  

-         Ordering in a bar and asking the bill

-         Telling the time

-         Main clause with inversion

-         Ordinal numbers

-         Pronunciation o - oo

Hoofdstuk 5: Op straat 

-         Asking how you are and making a suggestion

-         Meeting up and give a response 

-         Modal verbs

-         Demonstrative pronouns

-         Pronunciation i – ie


Grammar exam chapter 1 - 5

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