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Expat living on a new island?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

So I just returned from a getaway to my neighbor island; Menorca. And boy what a hidden pearl is this!! I have fallen in love with the beautiful nature, hike trails, light blue sea, beaches and friendly people. And then there is the town Ciudadella, this is the most picturesque harbor town; little boutique shops, seafood restaurants and I have never seen such clean streets.

As an expat, when I travel, I always ask myself the question: `Could I live here?`

This is always an instant YES or an instant NO. As I´m getting more picky over the years, I have definitely gathered more no´s than yes.

It´s usually a gut feeling, but for me it´s for example a 100% must to be near the ocean. Other important things for me are: a warm climate, safety, friendliness of the locals, cost of living, nature and a few nice places around for the nightlife and culture.

Menorca is very special and it has everything! Only, I can imagine that the winters are tough there as the weather is colder because they are not protected by the mountains like Mallorca. And then they have only 100.000 inhabitants, for sure a number of people is leaving in the winter, so it must be quiet in the low season.

For now it would be maybe still too quite.. but who knows in a few years?!

If you are curious, according to is this the top10 for expats to live:

The Top 10 Expat Destinations

  1. Mexico

  2. Spain

  3. Panama

  4. Malaysia

  5. Taiwan

  6. Thailand

  7. Costa Rica

  8. Philippines

  9. Bahrain

  10. Portugal

If you are an expat, share with me if you also ask this question on new destinations and where is your YES and why?

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