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Back in the saddle!

The summer is slowly coming to an end and that means that we have to get a little bit more routine in our workflow again, especially when you are your own boss. And that is hard when no one is telling you what to do and the weather is still so nice! (at least here in Mallorca:))

When I feel I don´t have motivation, I think about the Kaizen method that I applied when I was still working in a corporate company. This Japanese method is simple: instead of a big radical step, take baby steps to reach your goal, every day 1%. It´s an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements.

I also used this method when I was creating my e-learning Dutch for beginners. Sometimes I barely had time or headspace, but I made and agreement with myself; every week I had to do something, even if it´s only to create one exercise. If you know that you only have to do a little bit, the threshold is lower. This is how I was able to finish my e-learning.

As it is September I´m going to start creating the second e-learning Dutch A1 to A2 and again I´m going to apply this method, just for my other goals in September.

Tip of the day: If you already started learning Dutch, this method is also very handy to apply,

instead of learning 50 words in once, learn everyday only 5 Dutch words!

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