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Dutch E-learning A0 to A1
  • Dutch E-learning A0 to A1

    Start now with this Online Dutch Course. The course is very structured and clear completely independent. Make the 5 modules in 20 hours. A perfect way to kickstart your very first Dutch with 24/7 online support by the teacher.


    Are you constantly postponing to start?

    With this e-learning your part of a community where you motivate each other to continue and finish the course.


    Once you purchased you receive login details to the E-learning and you can start directly.

    Completely independent! 



    The 5 module topics:

    Hoofdstuk 1: Kennismaken 

    -         Alphabet 

    -         Numbers 1 - 100

    -         Introducing yourself, and ask about where someone is from,                    nationality, address

    -         Personal pronouns, verbs present tense

    -         Greetings and goodbye


    Hoofdstuk 2: De familie 

    -         Names of family members, describing people

    -         Main clause sentence and question structure

    -         Possessive pronouns

    -         Pronunciation a - aa

    Hoofdstuk 3: De dag 

    -         Days of the week, months, seasons

    -         Sequence words

    -         Articles

    -         Prepositions of time

    -         Pronunciation e – ee


    Hoofdstuk 4: In het café  

    -         Ordering in a bar and asking the bill

    -         Telling the time

    -         Main clause with inversion

    -         Ordinal numbers

    -         Pronunciation o - oo

    Hoofdstuk 5: Op straat 

    -         Asking how you are and making a suggestion

    -         Meeting up and give a response 

    -         Modal verbs

    -         Demonstrative pronouns

    -         Pronunciation i – ie


    Grammar exam chapter 1 - 5

    • Specifications

      - 24/7 access for 5 months licence through the website or app
      - You don´t need any books
      - Teacher support, for any questions use the channels within the learning platform or sent  an e-mail to :                       , we're happy to help you!
      - To have the best result make notes and book after every module a       coaching session

    99,00 €Price
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