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Recharging while learning Dutch?

Are you already in the summer vibes and can´t wait till your vacation?

When the temperature raises, and especially in the Netherlands, you feel the happy sparks activating in your body. It´s time for joy, it´s time for the beach, summer drinks and exploring new places. And actually, you need time to rest and get some head space. This divers per country though on how much rest you need.

In the table you can see per country how many holidays you need to fully recharge your battery:

Source: SD Worx en research en marketing agency iVox

Besides recharging in an exotic destination, it is also important to know how you recharge. So with what kind of activities. Do you like to lay on the beach and just read a book? Do you like more action and go on some excursions? What do you do with you free time?

I used to sell dive courses on the beaches of Mexico, and therefor you needed to study for like three days. Even if it was a bit of a threshold for some people in the beginning, when they finished and got their Padi Open Water certification, they were so thrilled.

This is the same idea for considering learning a new language. Why not during your holiday?

Because what is most important is that you have headspace and the time. Many students of mine are too busy with work and have some lessons in between. I notice that they forget very fast what they have learned.

If you don´t have too many plans yet, I´d like to invite you to think about the idea to do an intensive course for 5 days in Mallorca. Mallorca?! I hear you thinking.

YES Mallorca, why not? You can easy have a full holiday next to learning the basics of the Dutch language, and trust me it´s going to be a lot of fun here!

For more information you can always book a free discovery lesson and I will tell you all the details.

Happy holidays!

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